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JayMan Meditech is a company floated by Chetan Shah and Jayesh Salat. We have been in the field of Refractive Excimer Lasers for more than 23 years and had the privilege of installing India’s First Excimer Laser System and later on more than 45 Plus Refractive Laser Systems and various other medical laser systems like the Femto Second (Visumax) and other systems used for dermatology.

Currently, with Jayman Meditech, we are keen in providing ophthalmologists of India with economically viable refractive laser setups by way of either giving them

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The long experience in the field gave an opportunity to create long lasting relationships & friendships with Leading Ophthalmologists all over India.

Leading Provider

Had the privilege of installing India’s First Excimer Laser System and later on more than 45 Plus refractive laser systems and various other medical laser systems.

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We also have tied up with sources abroad to supply and provide Micron M7 Excimer Laser – Femton R1 femto refractive laser from Excelsius medical based platforms.

Femton R1

The Micron and Micron Laser Keratome combine to provide Unprecedented Patient Comfort and ConfidencePatient movement is no longer necessary.

ATL Laser Head

It is used in wavefront assisted refractive eye surgery systems. The inherent stability and reliability of the ATLEX laser are combined with flying spot optics and can be controlled by a unique fractal algorithm.

Eyetec Surgical Spears

Eyetec Surgical Spears range provide unrivaled Quality and Performance for the management of fluids during ophthalmic procedures, including LASIK Surgery.


Microkeratome creates a smooth, PLANAR flap by using a constant linear movement across the eye, controlled by load compensation software, this allows your patient to notice improved vision immediately following surgery.

Micron M7

Micron M7 is the only Excimer Laser System to utilize a Mobile Delivery Arm for Flexible Laser Delivery. It fundamentally changes how refractive surgery is conducted.

Surgical blades

To determine the effect of different blades on laser in situ keratomileusis flap thickness created with the Amadeus I Microkeratome. Calibrated Lasik blade offers unmatched accuracy to help maximize performance


For your Diagnostic Equipment Needs

  • Contact our friendly, experienced staff, to meet your immediate demand of diagnostic equipment. JayMan Meditech has the most experienced team in India to provide you with Micron M7 excimer laserFemton R1 Femto refractive laser.
  • We have work with hundreds of practices throughout the region to provide efficient and pleasant working equipment.

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